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At Elm Wood we have chosen to use the excellent Developing Experts as a scheme of work for science. This enables us to deliver a carefully sequenced, progressive curriculum is designed to help children to think scientifically and to gain an understanding of scientific processes. Science is an important core subject and is timetabled to ensure that it is taught rigorously.


We aim to give all children a deep understanding of the world whilst also acquiring specific skills and knowledge in line with the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework. Scientific vocabulary is taught within lessons and applied across units of work to help children gain a deep understanding of the content taught.


Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure that children are building upon prior learning, gaining and remembering knowledge as they move through the school. Recall questions are embedded throughout the curriculum to help children remember what they are learning.  Children use a range of skills in science including observation, planning and investigating, questioning, and hypothesising.


Children undertake frequent practical sessions and learn to use equipment, make predictions, plan and undertake investigations, record their findings or observations and draw simple conclusions. Our curriculum provides an inspiring showcase of potential careers in STEM, as within each lesson is embedded an “expert’s” short film clip to show how the lesson’s knowledge is relevant to the wider world and different jobs.  

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