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Meet the staff at our school!


Executive Headteacher: Duncan Kamya

Headteacher: Ms Leith

Deputy Headteacher: Ms Gee

Assistant Headteachers: Ms Jones and Ms Chapman



Jay Class Teacher: Ms Kenton

Jay Class Support Staff: Ms Allen and Ms Braun


Merlin Class Teacher: Ms James

Wren Class Teacher: Ms Palmer

Reception Support Staff: Ms Ewers, Ms Rutty and Ms Nabibisi

Year One

Magpie Class Teacher: Ms Jones and Ms Uddin

Swift Class Teacher: Ms Kallai

Year One Support Staff: Ms Thompson and Ms Chung-Vines

Year Two

Goshawk Class Teacher: Ms King

Redwing Class Teacher: Ms Hamilton

Year Two Support Staff: Ms Henry, Ms Flood and Ms Margarita

Year Three

Siskin Class Teacher: Ms Ellis

Skylark Class Teacher: Ms Noble

Year Three Support Staff: Ms Jouti and Ms Fannell

Year Four

Kittiwake Class Teacher: Ms Hutchinson

Waxwing Class Teacher: Ms Brooks

Year Five

Teal Class Teacher: Mr Dyson

Sanderling Class Teacher: Ms O'Rourke

Year Six

Avocet Class Teacher: Mr Carey

Lapwing Class Teacher: Ms Stevenson

Support Staff for Years Four to Six: Ms Barragan, Ms Balaam and Ms Fox

Family Support Officer: Ms Morgan

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Ms Bent and Ms Parkinson

Whole School Support Staff: Ms Morris and Ms Elander

Music Teacher: Mr Kelly


Senior Administrative Officer: Ms Gibbs

Admin Officer: Ms Patel

Premises Officer: Mr Ramroop

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