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Our aim is to provide a high-quality PE curriculum which motivates all pupils to succeed, enjoy and excel in sport and physically demanding activities. Our intent is to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident to support their health and fitness. 

Our PE curriculum at Elm Wood is sequenced to ensure that children develop foundational skills in physical development in the Early Years. As children move through Key Stage One, they build on those fundamental skills and also begin to learn sport-specific skills including swimming. Children learn to co-operate and compete across a range of sports within PE lessons by the end of Key Stage Two. 


Moving Matters (an organisation specialising in the delivery of PE) offer professional development and coaching to teachers at Elm Wood. Children in Key Stage Two take part in inter-school sports competitions across a range of sports.

Additional opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity outside PE lessons in school are provided through our links with local sports clubs, schools and professional organisations, for example Dulwich and Tulse Hill Hockey Club, West Norwood Tennis Club and Surrey County Cricket Club. 

Elm Wood’s annual Sports Days for both KS1 and KS2 are held at Dulwich College where pupils benefit from access to fantastic sporting facilities. We hold Sports Day for Early Years at school, Sports Leaders from Year 6 lead activities on the day as role models for our younger children. All events are very well-attended by families.  

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