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At Elm Wood, we use our promises to guide our behaviour and actions. Every pupil and member of staff is randomly allocated to a House: Linden, Oak, Palm or Willow. We earn points for our House when we show one of our promises in the classroom, around school or in the playground. At the end of each term, the house with the most points is rewarded with extra playtime! 


House Captains and Prefects  

In Year 6, children have the opportunity to apply to become house captains and prefects. House captains and prefects support younger peers around school, collect in the weekly house points and model expectations around school. They’re also able to give out house points! 



Our houses are all named after trees. We asked our families to suggest different ideas for houses. The children then chose their favourite two and everyone had the opportunity to vote on our theme. Mrs Charles chose the names of the trees and the children took part in a competition to draw the trees for their house logos. These were the chosen winners.